What are the behaviors that make wives and husbands happy when they have sex?

There are five types of married couples: couples who are sexually active as they get older, couples who have no sex but get along well, couples who have no sex and one of them feels lonely, and couples who have affairs or play around and couples who are completely indifferent.

There are couples of all types around our couple. I guess the most common type is couples who have no sex but get along well. The next most common type is couples who have full sex as they get older. By the way, my wife and I are a sexually fulfilled couple.

What do you think are the behaviors that make wives happy and husbands happy when they have sex? Have you been pleasing your wife/husband with sex lately?

In the first place, sex between a couple is greatly influenced by four factors.

■The four basic elements that make a couple want to have sex

1Mental health
2Body health
3Daily life
4The attractiveness of the partner

1Mental Health

Stress affects everything, doesn’t it? Stress from work, stress from childcare, stress from housework, stress from finances, and stress from relationships. Alfred Adler said that all stress ultimately comes down to relationships. When you’re stressed, you don’t feel like having sex. When you’re stressed, you don’t feel like having sex, and when you feel like having sex, you’re not stressed. This means that your mind is in a healthy state.

2Body health

When you’re sick or not feeling well, it’s hard to have sex. When you feel like having sex, your body is in a healthy state.

3 Daily life

Your daily life is deeply related to your sex life. If you are feeling uncomfortable or busy in your daily life, or if you are indifferent to your partner, you will not want to have sex. This means that when a couple wants to have sex, they are in a state of comfort in their daily lives. It’s a time of mutual appreciation, respect and trust.

4The attractiveness of your partner

You will never want to have sex with someone who you don’t find attractive at all because they are becoming an aunt or uncle. I think it’s wonderful when a couple brings out the best in each other. If you want to have sex with someone, it means that you are attracted to each other.

Sex is the barometer of a couple.

The basic elements that make a couple want to have sex are mental health, physical health, a comfortable daily life, and the attractiveness of their partner. Sex could be a barometer of the state of a couple.

For example.
When a husband wants to have sex and asks his wife out, but she is stressed out from work, housework, etc., or tired, she often says, “I’m too tired to have sex today, so I don’t feel like it,” or “Let’s do it another time.

For example.
For example, if a wife is in the mood for sex and invites him out in sexy lingerie, but she’s already turned into an old lady and he’s not attracted to her, he’ll say, “What’s wrong? The effect of sexy lingerie would be zero.

Even sexless couples have times when they say, “Not today,” or “Let’s watch a movie and relax.



Share the couple’s sense of sex.

Do you share your sense of sex with your spouse? It seems that many couples are too embarrassed to talk about sex. Japanese people seem to be a race that considers sex too special. If you want to have fulfilling sex as a couple, or if you feel lonely, the quickest way is to talk about sex as a couple.

Characteristics of couples who have good sex

Deep body touch and communication in daily life.
They bring out the best in each other.
They know and accept each other’s fetishes.
They expose themselves during sex.
They know and accept each other’s fetishes.
Have a sense of enjoyment in sex.
I enjoy sex.
They value unusual time.

and so on, which means that the couple is in a state of deepening sex forever. This is why the older you get, the more loving sex becomes.

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What does my wife like when we have sex?

Husband’s behavior before sex

There are two major themes: behavior before sex and behavior during sex.

Husband’s behavior before sex

“He treats me politely on a daily basis.
“He is an equal partner and does the housework.
“He sees me as a woman as well as a wife.
He invites me out on dates.
“He creates stimulating spaces and times for me once in a while.
“He praises my attractiveness and gives me confidence.
“He notices my hairstyle, fashion, and any changes in my feelings.
“He never forgets to have fun with me.
”He’s always body touching.
”He smiles and enjoys conversation.
“He’s a cool guy in some ways.
”He greets me politely, cheerfully and pleasantly.
“He makes my feelings a priority during the holidays.

Many of the respondents said that they feel comfortable with their husbands’ kindness in their daily activities before sex.

Husband’s behavior during sex

”He is not self-centered and makes me feel good about myself.
“He tries out different sex positions and patterns.
“He tries to set the mood and make me feel good
“He makes me feel good before sex and during foreplay.
“He does things that I can’t even imagine.
“He is open to my fetishes.
“He shows me love and tenderness during sex.
“He makes me feel good not only with the act of sex but also with his sexy words.
“He is naturally good at getting me excited about sex.
“He has great charm as a man.
“He stares at me with an attractive face.
“He creates an atmosphere where I can reveal myself naturally during sex.
“He uses atmosphere and technique to bring me to orgasm.

Many of them said that their husbands were wife-oriented and showed kindness and a deep attraction to men.
A husband like that would be able to have comfortable sex.

Behaviors that make husbands happy during sex

There are also two types of behavior that husbands enjoy during sex: before and during sex.

My wife’s behavior before sex

“She’ll always have a feminine air about her.
“She tries not to be an old lady.
“She is always conscious of maintaining a feminine body.
“She takes care of my body and mind.
“She has a strong sense of beauty.
”She treats me with respect on a daily basis.
“She’s always calm and I’ve never seen her angry.
”She doesn’t mind when I touch her. They are happy to see me.
“She kisses me all the time.
“I feel her compassion for me.
“She dresses up according to TPO.

My wife’s behavior during sex

“She creates the mood for sex with me.
“She is willing to accept my fetishes.
“She’s willing to try new things about sex.
“She wears sexy lingerie that I like.
“She is willing to expose herself to me.
“She and I have a mind to enjoy sex together.
“She can be in all kinds of sexy moods.
“sometimes in a very aggressive way.
“She’s willing to adapt her sex to my image.
“She’s willing to go to unusual places with me.
“She has an exciting gap between her everyday face and her sex face.
“She doesn’t blame me when I’m not feeling well.


It shows that they feel (or want to feel) attractive as a woman and considerate as a wife. In addition, they are aware that they can enjoy sex as a couple.

In any case, they feel that it is a time to enjoy as a couple. I feel that since they enjoy their daily time, they can create exciting time together.


What are the behaviors that make wives and husbands happy during marital sex?

More than a hundred plays or a hundred techniques, sex between a husband and wife can be deepened if there is a “heart-to-heart connection” and a desire to “bring out the best in each other” and “enjoy sex as a couple” in their daily life and sex life.

When you are grateful, trusting, respectful, and bring out the best in each other as a man and a woman, you will have deeper sex, feel orgasms, and be happy.

I also have more comfortable and fiery sex now than I did when I first got married. Of course, I have an orgasm every time.

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